FUE Hair Transplant Blog – Results – Dr Wood – 2 months on

This has been a long time coming.

As mentioned I have been setting up a new company and also went on a holiday. I nearly broke my arm and was in hospital for a few days.

But I am back. But, first I want to apologies for not keeping everyone up to date with my progress. I have been tell myself to get to the blog but I have just always found other things to get in the way.

Lets go through a few things

From the first Hair transplant(500 grafts) it has been 8 months so I am into seeing the results of that side of things

The second one I am just 2 months(1000 grafts) in and there is no real growth that I can see

Holiday: It was the first time I did not have to worry about my hair. I am sure everyone reading this would appreciate this simple but yet so rewarding relief.

Confidence: Is high!!!! Its the first time in so long that I have lift in my hair in the front. This is from the first 500 I did, the new hair a dormant at this point

Any side effects: No I have not had any pimples, the redness disappeared after 14 days.

Medicines: I still use the minixodil foam. But I like the way it leaves my hair more than anything. Its like wearing a product but it is helping my hair. I have slowly weeded off proscar. I am now taking it every 3 days and using natural stuff for my hair. I have seem some lose of hair but I am going to test this for a while to see what happens.

Would I do this again: Yes. This is a game changer. I feel so much better.

Do I still use Toppik: Yes. But 3 sprays and I am done.


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