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Dr Ray Woods and I meet again. This time things are different. 28th of November 2011

“Why will these light just not stay green”, I say to myself. The anticipation to get to Dr Woods clinic is making me nervous. I hope this time he does not turn me back around. The last time I came over 2 years ago he said I was not ready, but since then I cannot cover it up any more. I am losing my hair and it is affecting me. Like anyone that loses their hair they know what I mean. Ok, fair enough looks do not matter people will say, but at the end of the day it does to you. Let’s face it you are the most important person. It affects everything about you, but mostly your confidence and self esteem. In life your confidence is your pillar to a better life. Confidence gets you where you want to be and drives you to move forward. If you look good you feel good. Full stop.

I arrive at Old Canterbury road, Dulwich Hill, just in time for our 6pm meeting. I remember the house well, and I am comforted by the fact that outside the front door is a sign with his name and the letters “M.B.B.S. (Syd Uni)”, which is basically means he is a doctor. His son is playing music (drums) down stairs exactly like last time, but this time he is not in a suit. Probably the exact opposite to a suit, a pair of sweat pants and a tshirt. He apologized for what he is wearing and explains that his mother died recently and he is moving her stuff. Honestly, it does not affect me one bit. I am not here to judge him on that but on what he can deliver. We proceed to head into his office, while Angela his assistant gets me some coffee.

He does not waste any time and pulls out the mirror and starts to assess my hair. I tell him about last time and now he reassures me that I am ready. I am glad to hear this but my wallet is probably not. He then explains a few things which I will put in dot point so people actually read it.

  • I am losing my hair more like a mohawk, straight down the middle. I have good donor hair that extends quite high.
  • He uses a hand rule which I believe he came up with to help me understand how I am losing my hair. Basically, I will lose two hands (including palms) of hair at the front and crown. However, I have up to three hands of donor hair. (hands refers to if I was to open hand and put it flat across my head).
  • Donor hair will not grow back once it has been removed. This is a big thing which I have never heard. Once it is extracted it is gone. He said it was good that I had heaps of body hair. Looks like I may not need laser after all, all that hair may land on my head….hahhahahah……
  • My hair is thick on the donor area but spaced out. That means he will need to be extra careful when removing the hair otherwise I will be left with a gap. Some peoples hair is thin and close together, while others are like mine. Just means I have less hair but thick hair follicles.
  • He said I may need to wear my hair about 1cm around the back because of white dimples. This is due to the way my hair is and my skin colour. Oh well give me hair and I will be fine.
  • He was honest and said that I will need more than one procedure. I will need to top up, but anyone who is losing their hair and is advise otherwise you’re getting lied to.
  • We are going for a natural look so I will not have my hair all the way down more forehead (what a shame) but I will have covered on the top part.
  • I am booked in for 1000 grafts which will be $16,500, which needs to be paid once the surgury is performed. Every doctor is expected to lose some hair follicle along the way but he gives them back. No need to stress. It will take two days and 16 hours. He said best bet is to take 14 days off work, simply because of the line of work I do require me to be in front of a client. If you had a shop you could where a hat and would be fine in a few days.
  • Also he said no gym for a 3 weeks. Small price to pay.
  • He explains the way he inserts the hair to minimise issues. This kinda goes over my head.
  • He will need to cut my hair to make sure he gets all the areas he needs.
  • He explains that because I do not sign a disclaimer I can sue him if something does wrong

I told him what I had achieved in the past 1.5 years. He was very proud and pretty impressed. He had saw me on the television, so I decided to tell him the whole story. I need to remind myself to send him the video of the expedition. We shot some shit talk and I left feeling like something good is going to come out of this.

Overall thoughts;

  • Dr Woods is direct and gets straight to the point. I like that but it may not be for everyone.
  • Dr Woods knows his good and does not mind telling you, but so am I. His been in the busy for 22 years, so he has the experience to say it.
  • He is expensive but it will take 16 hours. To me I am willing to pay the extra to get the best in the business.


I am going ahead with it. I will need to ring up his assistance and organise a time. I leave the place feeling like I could become a new man. This time I feel at ease, I hope that I am in good hands. I shut the door of my car and leave for a dinner date with family friends.


  • Stay away from woods, he is a rip off and makes promises he cant keep!

    • Daniel,

      Thanks for your comment. As mentioned this site is completely non bias. Can you please explain your experience. I will admit Woods is expensive

  • That is wayyyyyyyyyy to expensive is this a JOKE!
    there are far better doctors than him that do it cheaper.
    and sorry he has been reported to be unprofessional.

    • jhon,

      From my experience he is far far from unprofessional. He is expensive but his the only Dr that will do teh whole procedure from start to finish. Look you pay for someone with 20+ years experience taking out the grafts and put them in. When you ask your Dr ask him if he is going to do the whole prcedure for you.

      Just know there are companies and people out there to make a buck. Good luck with your own journey.

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