I am back

I need to get some photos up. I kinda just forgot about the site or when I would go for an update I would not get the chance to take photos (I have not told anyone other then my family and I will live out of home).

Progress so far without picture. As dr wood said I would lose the rest of my hair that had not be transplanted. I have and I want to go back to him again. Its not that bad but bad enough. See you get the confidence and then it goes again.

I have to get up photos to show you by the weekend.

10 Months Since Last Hair Transplant – Dr Wood

Ok i know it has been a while.

Here is why:

1. Health scare with my heart. I am all good know but had a few issue.

2. issue with my company. Not going as well as it could but working on it.

3. Still working part time to keep the cash coming in.

4. Went on holidays as I needed a break from life.

5. Get shoots (that my mum does) without my girlfriend around takes time.

Summary of how I feel:

  • The journey has been a lot easier then I thought. You get it done and you just wait.
  • Now thinking about how nervous I was I kinda laugh. ALWAYS PICK A GOOD DOCTOR
  • My hair about at 70% of were I want it to be. I am losing hair were my transplant was not done. Dr Woods always told me this.

What i thought to where I am:

  • I thought I would never have to worry about my hair again. i was wrong. I worry about 1000 less then what i did before.
  • I am going to start saving (which is F*&king hard) to do my next one. I want to gte the middle section done.

I am going to go back on Proscar what I get my lazy arse to the doctor to get the prescription

Now for the pictures (i had to resize them so they fit)

































Everyone I will get an update this week up.

I have seen a loss of hair from the area that was not implanted on.

I guess I know this was going to happen with the meds.

FUE Hair Transplant Blog – Results – Dr Wood – March 2013

Still off the drugs.

I will add more comments but lets face it the pictures are what you all want

FUE Hair Transplant Blog – Results – Dr Wood – 22 Dec

Off the drugs (proscar for over 4 months I think maybe longer)

Pictrues from the 22nd of Dec

Promises I will keep

To much time with my girlfriend and trying to make money with my new company has meant this has fallen behind.

I have the week to myself.

I have pictures already just need to resize them for the site.

You will get two loads of pictures.

Things are going great. I can now grab my hair!

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all is good. I have been crazy busy with girlfriend, new compnay, working part time to have money and having some fun on the side.


With my girlfriend it is hard to take pictures as she has no idea about this.

Hair pictures this weekend as I am off to brazil.


thanks again for reading.

FUE Hair Transplant Blog – Results – Dr Wood – 2 months on

This has been a long time coming.

As mentioned I have been setting up a new company and also went on a holiday. I nearly broke my arm and was in hospital for a few days.

But I am back. But, first I want to apologies for not keeping everyone up to date with my progress. I have been tell myself to get to the blog but I have just always found other things to get in the way.

Lets go through a few things

From the first Hair transplant(500 grafts) it has been 8 months so I am into seeing the results of that side of things

The second one I am just 2 months(1000 grafts) in and there is no real growth that I can see

Holiday: It was the first time I did not have to worry about my hair. I am sure everyone reading this would appreciate this simple but yet so rewarding relief.

Confidence: Is high!!!! Its the first time in so long that I have lift in my hair in the front. This is from the first 500 I did, the new hair a dormant at this point

Any side effects: No I have not had any pimples, the redness disappeared after 14 days.

Medicines: I still use the minixodil foam. But I like the way it leaves my hair more than anything. Its like wearing a product but it is helping my hair. I have slowly weeded off proscar. I am now taking it every 3 days and using natural stuff for my hair. I have seem some lose of hair but I am going to test this for a while to see what happens.

Would I do this again: Yes. This is a game changer. I feel so much better.

Do I still use Toppik: Yes. But 3 sprays and I am done.